We build customized packages to meet your business needs.

Court Record Searches helps guide you through the potential hiring process and helps you make the right choice every time. As a client of CRS, you will have your own online account through which you can perform the background searches that you need most and receive the reports that enable you to make well-informed decisions that support your company’s staffing needs.

We are fast, affordable, accurate, and flexible.

Our advanced technology allows us to process your requests faster, at a lower cost, and enables you to retain and store all of your reports indefinitely in your online account, with 24/7 access. We have no setup fees, no recurring fees, no monthly dues, and no maintenance fees. As a client with an approved account, we bill you monthly for new activity rather than requiring payment for each individual transaction.

We work with you to meet your background screening needs.

Our experienced staff has been serving clients from the hospitality, security, janitorial, medical, underwriting, government contracting, and staffing industries, just to mention a few. You can count on our staff to work with you as a partner as we help you determine the type of screening you need to confidently tell your customers, your vendors, and your associates that your employees have been professionally reviewed and are trustworthy, qualified, and safe.