These options provide instant search results

MVR Express

The MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) Express enables you to instantly obtain an applicant or employee’s driving record history from those states that allow instant transmission of the MVR.

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SSN Trace Express

The SSN (Social Security Number) Trace provides you with an instant report that verifies that the applicant’s SSN is within a range of validly issued numbers, and also provides a comprehensive and detailed residence and name history for the candidate.

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National Express

The National Express provides you with instant access to the USA Criminal Screen. The USA Criminal Screen is a “national”, multi-jurisdiction database containing millions of criminal records from courts, corrections departments, law enforcement agencies and sex offender registries across the country.

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Homeland Security Express

The Homeland Security Express provides you with instant access to the Global Watch Alert. The Global Watch Alert searches over 135 national and international databases of wanted persons (including FBI and Interpol most wanted), fugitives, the Office of Foreign Asset Control’s list of Specially Designated Nationals (commonly referred to as the Terrorist Watch List), as well as all of the federal government’s debarred and excluded lists.

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Criminal Records Searches

We conduct four different types of criminal records searches:

1. County Criminal Searches – the most accurate and current records are available at the county level. The standard search is for felony and misdemeanor cases that have been filed within the past seven years.

2. Statewide Criminal Searches – offers broader geographic coverage than the more focused county search. Not all states allow access to their central records repositories, and some states repositories are not as reliable or as inclusive as others. We currently recommend statewide searches in 18 states— we actually conduct those searches by default instead of the county search (at no additional cost to our clients). Less reliable or less inclusive statewide searches are currently available in 27 other states.

3. Federal Criminal Searches – the federal justice system is completely separate from the court system that handles violations of state and local laws. While federal criminal cases are less numerous than state and local cases, they generally tend to be very serious offenses such as Embezzlement, Mail, Bank and Wire Fraud, as well as Bribery and offenses involving the Interstate Transportation of Individuals or Contraband.

4. The USA Criminal Screen – a multi-jurisdiction database containing millions of criminal records contributed by Courts, Departments of Corrections, Sex Offender Registries, and various Law Enforcement Agencies across the United States. The USA Criminal Screen perfectly complements a more focused search of County/Statewide and/or Federal criminal records by providing the broadest possible geographic coverage, at minimal cost and fast turnaround time.

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Credit Reports

Personal credit reports can be a useful screening tool for applicants who will have access to financial or accounting functions, as well as those who have access to valuable inventory. The credit scores that are included with our credit reports (at no additional charge) make deciphering credit reports easy even for those who may be unfamiliar with the unique codes and terms used by the Credit Bureau. End users of personal credit reports must be approved by the Credit Bureau following an on-site inspection to determine the legitimacy of the business and whether permissible purpose requirements are met.

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Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)

MVR, or Driving Records, are critically important for those candidates who will either be driving a company vehicle, or driving their own vehicle on company time and business. Hiring a driver with a poor driving record, or retaining or failing to properly supervise a driver with a history of traffic offenses can be a recipe for disaster. We recommend reviewing the driving history before making a qualified job offer, and reviewing an employee’s driving record at least once per year.

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Social Trace

The Social Trace (SSN Trace, SSN Verification) is the fundamental first step in a thorough background check. The Social Trace not only verifies that the Social Security Number provided by the applicant is within a range of validly issued numbers, but it also provides a detailed and comprehensive residence and name history. Since many of the background searches are conducted in specific locations, based on specific names, the Social Trace can alert us to other jurisdictions with which the applicant may have had significant contact, or other names that the applicant may have used within the recent past.

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Education Verification

It has been estimated that in excess of 35% of all applications and resumes contain significant errors, and by far the most common of those errors pertains to Education. You need to know that the candidate is qualified for the position, and our Education Verification can validate the attainments from nearly every institution of higher education within the United States and its territories.

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Employment Verification

Verifying an applicant’s previous employment history can be time consuming and frustrating for many of our clients. Let us assist you in verifying the details with your candidate’s previous employer(s).

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Profession License Verification

If a position with your company requires professional licensing, you need to know that the candidate has a current and validly issued license. We are able to verify nearly every type of professional license issued anywhere in the United States.

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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation insurance premiums take a very sizable bite out of the earnings of many companies. Our search for prior Workers Compensation claims be effective in two specific instances:

1.After a qualified job offer has been made –once a qualified job offer has been made to the candidate, it is permissible to search for previous claims in order to determine if the candidate meets the physical qualifications for the position.

2. If one of your employees files a Workers Compensation claim– it is permissible to search for prior claims, since many states have second injury funds which can cover the costs of ongoing treatment and salary loss.

Workers Compensation records should not be searched as part of the pre-employment screening process since that may be construed as a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

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Global Watch Alert

The Global Watch Alert is a search of over 135 different national and international databases, including the FBI and Interpol most wanted lists, the Office of Foreign Asset Control’s list of Specially Designated Nationals (OFAC’s SDN) commonly called the Terrorist Watch List, and all of the federal government’s excluded and debarred lists (names of individuals who have been barred or excluded from conducting any transactions with federal government agencies and departments).

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USA Criminal Screen

The USA Criminal Screen is a massive multi-jurisdiction database of criminal records compiled from court records, corrections departments, sex offender registries and law enforcement agencies across the United States. The USA Criminal Screen provides us with the broadest possible coverage area, with rapid turnaround time, for an extremely low cost. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a county, statewide and/or federal criminal records search.  Because it is a database search, it is not compliant with the FCRA and should not be used on its own to make a negative hiring decision.

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Nationwide Federal Criminal Records

The Nationwide Federal Criminal Records searches all of the United States District Courts for criminal cases. While this search will not provide case details, it will provide you with a list of name matches for Federal Criminal Records, as well as the court in which the case was filed, the case number, the filing date and the date that the case was closed. A targeted search of a specific court or courts can then be requested to provide additional details, if necessary.

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Federal Bankruptcy Search

The Federal Bankruptcy Search is similar to the Nationwide Federal Criminal Records search in that it searches all of the Federal Bankruptcy Courts for bankruptcy petitions that may have been filed by your candidate within the past ten years.

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C3 is a search of three combined civil records databases – money judgments, tax liens and bankruptcies. While searches for these civil court records are normally conducted at the county or federal district level, C3 relies on nationwide search sources to give you a more complete picture of your applicant’s financial history.

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